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Undergoing a epiLASIK surgery procedure in Singapore can become stressful especially if it’s going to be your first time to undergo the said surgical procedure. It is given that as a patient you should be extra cautious in choosing your LASIK eye surgery provider and your surgeon as well since it’s your eye condition that’s going to be dealt with.


So to help you look for the epiLASIK surgeon that is right for you, here are some of the questions that you can ask your LASIK Singapore surgeon so that you can assure that you get to have a safe procedure with them:

What is your experience in this field?

If you’re planning on undergoing a epiLASIK surgery in Singapore, I would recommend that you look for a surgeon who has been practicing the procedure for more than a few years already because these surgeons have more experience when it comes to performing the operation.

Look for the one that has performed many epi LASIK procedures as much as possible. Ask your prospective surgeon about his experience with the procedure. Aside from that, inquire about as to how many times have he performed LASIK surgery using the laser that will be used on you and how many eye problem the same as yours have been corrected with it.

Another way that you can tell if your LASIK surgeon is experienced enough is if he has undergone some special training or workshops. LASIK Singapore surgeons who also happen to belong to some professional associations can also be considered an expert in the field of LASIK surgery. It’s also a plus if your chosen surgeon like the experienced doctors from in Singapore has been trusted to perform the procedure on a family member or on a fellow practitioner since this can be a great sign of the surgeon’s expertise in the surgical procedure.

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Will I have some enhancement insurance after the procedure?

This is an important question to ask since you might need some enhancement after undergoing the procedure. You should know what kind of enhancement policy your laser eye surgery provider can give because there are some providers in Singapore that offers no added cost if you plan to get an enhancement a year after undergoing a LASIK surgery. There are also some that offer a lifetime of enhancement policy.

You should also be sure that you fully understand the LASIK enhancement policy of your laser eye center. Also, get some information as to whether the same laser will be used in your enhancement procedure and what kind of eye complications can be cured by undergoing a LASIK enhancement procedure.

What will happen after undergoing the LASIK surgery?

After undergoing an epi LASIK surgery, your surgeon should schedule a check-up on you within the 24 hours after undergoing the procedure. Aside from that, a weekly or monthly visit to your surgeon should also be conducted. You should also schedule appointments right away if you’re starting to notice or feel some complications after the surgical procedure.

Asking some questions to your surgeon can help you in getting a better understanding of the procedure that you’re about to undergo and can also aid you in choosing the surgeon that would be best for you.