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5 Ways Anger Can Be Good For You

June 5th, 2015 | Posted by Editor in Emotions - (0 Comments)


We tend to think that anger is an outrageous, negative emotion, but studies suggest that anger also has its positive side, too. While it oftentimes make us do stupid things, it also wakes up the positive-thinking part of the brain with blood flow—bringing a whole new meaning to the term ‘boiling point’.


1. Anger serves as a motivating force. We sometimes hear people talking about using anger as a motivation. When we see something beneficial, we want it more when angry. When used right, anger can make you feel stronger and more powerful and help us drive towards what we want to get.

2. Anger can make relationship stronger. When wronged, anger is our natural reaction—it is a way of communicating when we sense injustice. The way we express our anger, if reasonable and aimed at solving the problem rather than just venting out, can benefit and strengthen relationships.

3. Anger can be used as a strategy to negotiate. Anger is a legitimate way to get what you want. As you have probably noticed, fewer demands and larger concessions are given to an angry person than one who’s happy. However, you can’t expect that all the time. It’s unreasonable to just simply lose your temper and expect to win everything every time.


4. Anger helps find solution. No other emotion is more effective at helping us navigate through life’s ups and downs than anger. Positivity, love, and contentment are all essential in life, but they’re not efficient enough to find solutions to feel satisfied. While anger can be overwhelming at first, when focused and recognized, it can be a source of emotional information that can provide solution to any situation.

5. Anger makes a person optimistic. It may sound quite the opposite, but anger can make a person more positive. When an angry person lets his anger out (through justifiable actions), it’s likely that the person will have lesser attacks in the future. In contrast, those who suppress the heat they feel slowly develop a pessimistic attitude and may blow up unexpectedly anytime in the future.

Anger is a positive trait when it works justifiably. Letting it out is not just about causing chaos and violence, but also giving yourself the privilege to break free and be heard by the person that’s causing the rage inside you.