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For Singapore car owners who frequently experience automotive problems, car mechanics are truly a heaven-sent. They have the capability and skills to fix your car so you don’t have to do it on your own. Do note, however, that working with an auto mechanic can be a real nightmare, especially if you hired the wrong one. So if you want to receive the best car repair service possible, always ensure that you hire the right person for the job. To help you do just that, we listed down some of the important qualities that your prospective auto mechanic should have.

1. Excellent Customer Service

Since they provide car servicing to their customers, auto mechanics should be capable of relating well to their clients. They should be able to make them feel more at ease, while giving them the assurance that their vehicle will be fixed efficiently and properly.

2. Good Diagnostic Skills

The ability to correctly identify any problem in a car is a mark of a good and experienced auto mechanic. It’s crucial to know that not all problems in the car are what it seems. In fact, an external and minor problem might be a sign of a more serious problem. Your prospective auto mechanic like in Singapore needs to identify the problem first, as well as where it’s located before he starts performing any necessary car maintenance and repair services. Plus, he should also have the right kind of tools necessary for diagnosing and locating problems.

3. Strong Communication Skills

Apart from having excellent diagnostic skills, your prospective mechanic should also be able to communicate well and explain technical jargons into words any car owner can understand. If your car needs to undergo brake repairs, for instance, your chosen mechanic should be able to explain in layman’s terms the root of the problem and how it can be fixed, so you will have a better understanding of the car servicing process that will take place.

4. Up-to-Date With the Technology

It can’t be denied that car technology has greatly evolved since its first years. While the basics of car servicing in Singapore remained the same as they were in the 1900’s, there are now new factors to consider in modern age auto repairs. Hence, an auto mechanic should be able to stay up to date with the innovations and changes in the car technology so that he can provide solutions to any problem that may arise in these systems.
For instance, auto mechanics in Singapore these days are already expected to understand how hybrid cars function, as they are becoming more prevalent in the automotive industry. This is why mechanics who are capable of providing the latest solutions to modern-day car issues are considered the best.

5. Complete Familiarity With Car Parts

There are a lot of different automotive parts available in the market today, and an auto mechanic should be knowledgeable of these parts. Most car owners don’t possess enough knowledge about vehicle parts, which is why they depend on the mechanic’s capability and know-hows. The best way to know whether or not your chosen car servicing provider fully knows his business is by asking him to differentiate certain car parts. See whether he’s assertively answering your questions or is simply misleading you.

6. Sufficient Car Repair Experience

Vehicles were made simpler back in the year, but now, the auto market scenario is completely different. More multifarious and high-tech cars are already running on the roads of Singapore, such as sports cars, pick-up trucks and family sedans – thus, the need for auto mechanics with a varied background in car repair services.

A good mechanic is someone who possesses certifications of various training programs, and is well-experienced in the field of auto repair. Hiring a mechanic with sufficient car maintenance and repair experience is beneficial for a car owner, so be sure to choose one who has a good background in offering such services.

7. Employed at a Reputable Car Repair Shop

Those credentials displayed at the walls of a car workshop isn’t just there for advertising. As a matter of fact, a certification is an indication of a shop’s reputation and qualities of the mechanic that they employed. It assures the car owner that the mechanics in that particular service centre passed the state standards in business and auto repair. Plus, it also proves that the auto mechanic is up-to-date with the new car repair techniques and tools. A certification also tells its prospective clients that both the service centre and its auto mechanics are highly motivated to give them the car servicing they are looking and paying for.

8. Solid Work Ethic

Aside from being knowledgeable and having enough work-related experience, a good mechanic is also capable of living up to his promises. If he tells you that your car will be fixed and ready on a specific date, he will do his best to ensure that it happens. He has a good work ethic as well, and is committed to providing his customers with car repair services that they can trust and rely on.

If getting the best auto repair services is what you want, ensure that you choose an auto mechanic who possess the aforementioned qualities. Also, spend enough time researching on any car workshop or auto mechanic near your area, so it will be a lot easier for you to locate an auto expert who you can completely trust and rely on.


You are now decided that it is time to skip the bus or train and finally drive your own car.  However, you are struck with one dilemma – what is the best car on earth? The answer would totally depend on what you need or what your style is. There are many cars here in Singapore and choosing the best one is not easy but if you establish a baseline – like what you need it for or your style, you can safely deduce the best one for you.


If you are still confused, you can just refer to The Best Cars of 2016 according to Consumer Reports, a magazine that focuses in comparisons and product reviews. Consumer Reports released The Best Cars for this year across ten different categories. The result was based on reliability ratings from the 2015 auto survey, series of road test scores, insurance industry safety tests and owner satisfaction surveys.

Here is the list:

Best Midsize Car

For the Best Midsize Car category, the award goes to Toyota Camry. The price is pegged at $24,089 to $32,603.

Best Subcompact Car

For the Best Subcompact Car, the award goes to Honda Fit. The price is pegged at $19,025.

Best Compact Car

For the Best Compact Car, the award goes to Subaru Impreza. The price is pegged at $21,345 to $22,345.

Best Luxury SUV

For the Best Luxury SUV, the award goes to Lexus RX. The price is pegged at whopping $51,630 to $57,565.


Best Sports Car Sub-$40K

For the Best Sports Car Sub-$40K, the award goes to Mazda MX-5 Miata. The price is pegged at $29,905.

Best Small SUV

For the Best Small SUV, the award goes to Subaru Forester. The price is pegged at $27,145.

Best Pickup Truck

For the Best Pickup Truck, the award goes to Ford F-150. The price is pegged at $45,750 to $46,755.

Best Large Car

For the Best Large Car, the award goes to Chevrolet Impala. The price is pegged at $39,110.

Best Minivan

For the Best Minivan, the award goes to Toyota Sienna. The price is pegged at $35,810 to $38,201.  

If you notice it, most of the top picks are Japanese brands and one South Korean brand then there are two that are manufactured by the United States. This goes to show that the car manufacturing here in Asia is not only lucrative but also efficient because many people prefer it.

You can start with these things when you are deciding what car to buy. Good luck!