You want perfectly polished nails but you cannot possibly do it on your own that is why you implore the help of salon manicures. There is nothing wrong with that but every time you come to the salon, you are just convincing yourself that you need it thus you need to shell out money.


Do you wonder how much money you can save if you can personally attend to your nails? The good news for Singaporeans is that a UK-based company Nails Inc. launched the very first spray-on nail polish. Nails Inc. calls it Paint Can. The first customers were from UK but the company is looking to expand to other countries.

In fact, in United States, there’s a waiting list for fans who want to try it. Though there are no dates yet as to when it will arrive in Singapore, people here are enthusiastic about the new product. If you are not yet convinced that this will work more than your monthly visits to your manicurists, here are the reasons why you should consider it:

  • Convenient: As mentioned earlier, you do not need for an appointment when going to the salon or wait for your turn there. You can have the spray-on anywhere as long as you have the necessary tools to make it possibly.
  • Cheap: If you add the costs of visiting salon every month compared to the cost of the spray-on nail polish, you will definitely save a lot of money. Now if you choose to purchase many, that would be a different case – of course you will spend money.


  • Simple to use: There are still things to be done before applying the spray-on but you may be at ease because the steps are easy. The first thing that you need to know is to coat your dry nails (like you would normally do). Be wary though not to touch the cuticles since it is crucial to make sure that spray-on does not stick to it. After that, you can apply the spray-on. Do not worry about the mess because you can just wash it after. After two minutes, coat your nails again. Wait for two minutes or until coat is dry before thoroughly washing it. A little rubbing and washing will do the trick. Then voila, you are ready to flaunt that nail.

Hopefully the reasons are enough to consider spray-on nail polish. Since it is not yet available here, you have no choice but to consider manicurists first and while you are at it, better study their work so you will know in the future how to clean your own nails.


Scrub-a-Dub Your Entire Body

July 31st, 2015 | Posted by Editor in Beauty and Style - (0 Comments)

5 Body Areas That You Should Exfoliate More
Getting rid of dead skin to get a smoother complexion is an essential step in a beauty routine, and yet, most of us tend to forget giving a good scrub on some of our body parts that need it the most. Curious what those body parts are? Then here are five of neglected areas that will surely benefit from having a really good scrub.


  1. Neck. We all know the importance of exfoliating our face, but we often forget that our neck needs as much care to stay youthful and soft. So opt for a gentle facial exfoliator for your neck to softly slough off the dead skin cells. As a rule of thumb, remember to use the same skincare routine on your face and your neck.
  1. Lips. Peeling lips are not just uncomfortable and unsightly, they also cause some makeup disaster every time you apply your lippie. Remedy this and bring your youthful pout back by using a gentle lip exfoliator to treat your chapped lips and regain that soft kissable pout.
  1. Elbows. Perpetually rough and dry, it’s just safe to say that the elbows are among the least sexy parts of your body. They do lots of important work like protecting your muscles and joints, but you tend to forget to pamper them. So make it up to them by scrubbing a moisture-rich exfoliator on your elbows to get the best possible results.


  1. Armpits.  Regular hair removal and deodorant aren’t enough to keep your pits smelling and looking pretty most of the time. Your pits also need some exfoliation to keep ingrown hairs and bacteria at bay. Since the underarm skin is sensitive and thin, opt for a gentle exfoliator that will keep them healthy and clean.
  1. Feet. Getting regular pedicures works wonders for foot health, but that doesn’t that you can just ignore them between your visits to the nail salon. Just like your face, your soles deserve some daily pampering too. So keep them soft and supple all the time by using a foot scrub and rubbing them with pumice stone to get an optimal feet softness.

Exfoliation is an essential step to get smoother skin not just on your face, but on your whole body as well. So make sure that you keep these parts properly exfoliated to keep them healthy and give them that youthful glow.