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What are The Benefits of Applying Primer before Doing Your Makeup?

March 27th, 2018 | Posted by Editor in Beauty and Style - (Comments Off on What are The Benefits of Applying Primer before Doing Your Makeup?)

Make-up primers are a constant in almost every beauty guru’s Youtube make-up tutorials. While we get the idea that owning a primer is ideal for cosmetic junkies, a lot of us still remain unaware regarding the rich benefits of applying make-up primer.

Primers are designed to prepare the face and skin for the application of foundation. It is also responsible for providing a proper background for other cream products so they can be absorbed better. In deciding whether you need a primer ASAP in your vanity pouch, here are some benefits of applying make-up primer before doing your vanity session.

1. Softens the skin
If you’re aiming for velvety soft skin, applying make-up primer before doing your make up in the morning is one way to achieve it! Primers vary in formulation, however, they all have this uniform effect of making your skin appear softer. Accordingly, it also enhances the smooth effects on your overall makeup appearance.

2. Seals the pores
Another benefit to applying primer before you do your makeup is how it effectively seals your pores. Even if you don’t have large pores, using a liquid foundation can make your pores more visible no matter how small they may be. The product comes to the rescue as it seals the pores and casts a velvet, soft blanket over your skin.

3. Doesn’t irritate the skin/clog the pores
Most makeup primers are non-comedogenic, a term used to label beauty products which are easy and friendly to the face. Using a primer won’t cause a break-out or irritate your skin (regardless of your skin type). The product is also known for not clogging your pores – making it ideal for those who have sensitive skin prone to acne and clogged pores.

4. Helps you achieve a smoother makeup look
Applying primer as a base before you do your makeup look for the day makes your entire face appear like velvet. With such an alluring appearance, you’ll find yourself questioning why it took you so long to get your hands on a trusty primer. Consider it an investment, too. The product is reliable enough that it’s hard not to use one after getting used to it.

5. Helps make-up stay on longer
Additionally, makeup primer is also effective in helping your makeup stay on longer. If you’re out for a long corporate event or planning to spend hours outdoors, you’ll be better off applying a prim coat of primer before doing your makeup. Makeup primers decrease sweating through the pores, so your makeup can stay in place longer than usual.

The primer coat also serves as your shield for water, dust, and other tiny debris that may wear your make-up off.
This list is compiled in no particular order.

The Best Setting Sprays in Singapore to Help your Make-Up Last Longer

March 27th, 2018 | Posted by Editor in Beauty and Style - (Comments Off on The Best Setting Sprays in Singapore to Help your Make-Up Last Longer)

Singapore’s humid and warm weather makes any make-up wearer prone to gradual product collapse the moment they head outside. While this can be a real struggle, there are accessible remedies in store for you! One of them is the use of a make-up setting spray, which offers you an instant ticket in keeping your make-up last longer.

Think of it as locking your make-up in place for the long day ahead. While these reliable mists were intended for professional use, it has long become a consumer staple among Singapore make-up junkies. The product prevents total meltdowns by regulating the skin’s oil production, so you don’t have to worry about a retouch every now and then.

Make-up setting sprays also vary depending on one’s skin type and needs – it may give a dewy glow, hydrate dull and dry skin, and others keep the skin matte. With so many options to choose from, we’ve narrowed down 5 of the best setting sprays you can buy in Singapore:

• Make Up For Ever Mist and Fix Setting Spray
This hydrating mist does not only give you a nice, dewy glow – but it also keeps your make-up in place for up to 12 hours. The formula is alcohol-free, making it suitable for those with dull and dry skin since it protects your make-up without drying effects. Aside from that, the Mist and Fix setting spray is also rub-resistant and sweat-proof.

• Supergoop Defense Refresh Setting Mist (SPF50)
It takes twice the effort to apply sunscreen and setting spray separately, but what if we tell you there’s one product that can multitask both? This Supergoop multitasker is a steal, with its SPF50 protection and broad spectrum. With just a few sprays, it can also provide your complexion an instant refreshing especially in the middle of a long and busy day.

• Urban Decay Long Lasting Makeup Setting Spray
Promising up to 16-hours of protected makeup wear, Urban Decay’s makeup setting spray is considered as one of the leading setting spray choices in Singapore. The mist is known to prevent caking, melting, and creasing – even when under the sun or engaged in sweaty activities. It may cater to all skin type, but the product is not encouraged for those with sensitive or dry skin (due to the presence of alcohol).

• Pixi Glow Mist
If you’re big on skincare, then this glow mist is the right product for you! It doesn’t promise long make-up wear compared to other setting sprays, but it adds a beautiful luminosity to your complexion with just a few sprays. The effect is unparalleled too – considering the formulation is made of 13 natural oils, propolis and niacinamide, and various food extracts.

Perhaps aside from celebrities, all of us could only dream of going to a hair salon everyday to have our hair styled. Fortunately, there are ways for us to keep our locks healthy and beautiful without spending too much cash or time. (Maintaining your hair will also allow you to enjoy the time and effort you have invested to have it styled at a hair salon in Singapore.)

Here are ways to keep your crowning glory healthy and beautiful.

1. Wash Your Hair Regularly

There are some stylists who will tell you that washing everyday will damage your hair, but this is not true. In fact, failure to wash your hair on a regular basis—especially during hot and humid days—will result to seborrhea or dandruff. There are correct ways to shampoo that in Singapore can show you, however, that you should observe so that you don’t expose your hair to a lot of chemicals. Use only a few drops of shampoo when washing, then use the tips of your fingers to massage your scalp gently. Next, rinse thoroughly in cold water (never use hot water!) before towel-drying your hair.

2. Invest in Good Hair Tools

What’s the secret of the best hair salon in Singapore in creating beautifully-styled hair? They use only the best quality hot tools on your hair. If you’re thinking of spending money on hair styling tools for your personal use, don’t hesitate to shed extra money on modern and improved models that will reduce the damage on your hair. There are hot styling tools that don’t dry hair and will require less time—and fewer burning accidents—to use. Keep in mind to use hot tools sparingly because these can still damage your hair faster than all the chemicals you apply to style your hair.

3. Know Your Hair Care Ingredients

Another secret to great hair is knowing what you’re applying on it whenever it’s styled. Most hair salon in Singapore also formulate their own products that contain moisturizers and strengthening proteins that prevent damage or restore the vitality of your over-styled crowning glory. Not all hair products will work for all types of hair, so make sure to talk to your stylist before making any changes.

4. Limit the Use of Dry Shampoo

There are a lot of hair products out there, including the convenient dry hair shampoo designed as an alternative to regular wet shampoo. While it’s okay to use it from time to time, your stylist at the hair salon will tell you that frequent usage can cause residue to build up on your scalp. The residue will cause itching and irritation and can even dry out your hair.

5. Slow Down on Salon Treatments

While it may be extremely tempting to go for another keratin treatment because of the great experience, even your stylist at the hair salon in Singapore will advise you to space your hair treatments. That’s because frequent exposure to chemicals can damage your hair instead of achieving the intended result of the treatment. The best hair salon in Singapore will usually give you a consultation before any procedure can be recommended. Ask about the correct spacing of hair treatments and other procedures and never lie to your stylist about any styling you have had because this may lead to wrong use of treatments that could be very damaging to your hair.

6. Stick to the Same Hair Care Products

Your stylist at the hair salon in Singapore will tell you that frequently switching hair products will not give you more beautiful hair. If you have found a product that works for you, stick to it and think only of changing if you think it’s not as effective as it used to be. The best hair salon in Singapore also manufacture their own hair products, so try those out if you want all-natural ingredients for your hair.

7. Limit Sun Exposure

This can be difficult especially you like walking and swimming, but try to limit your exposure to UV rays, salt water and wind. If this cannot be avoided, make sure to keep your hair moisturized and hydrated every time you go out or you take a dip. Treat your hair as you would your skin, because they are the most noticeable parts of your body.

8. Have it Trimmed

Even when you’re trying to grow your hair, it needs a trim a few times a year to prevent split ends especially if you style your hair often. Your trip to the hair salon will also allow your stylist to suggest treatments for any hair problem or to recommend a new hairstyle to fit your needs. If you can’t decide what hairstyle looks best on you, the stylist will be able to give suggestions based on the shape of your face and your lifestyle.

9. Keeping Your Child’s Hair Healthy

Teaching your child how to keep his/her hair healthy should be part of the health and hygiene lessons. The hair will reflect the child’s overall health so make sure that he/she knows how to shampoo, dry and comb the hair properly. Use products and tools that are safe for the child’s scalp and explain why some hair products are not appropriate for his/her sensitive skin yet. You also have to watch out for prolonged exposure to UV rays, salt and wind whenever the child goes out. A hat or cap will usually suffice as protection, so there is no need to apply chemicals that are made for adults.

10. Keeping Facial Hair Healthy

Facial hair is also difficult to maintain and needs the same love and attention that you would give to long hair. To find out the style that will suit you best, there are beard stylists at the hair salon today who can help you decide. Determine when you need to schedule a trim, especially if you’re still growing your beard. Don’t forget to wash it regularly and to apply conditioner, especially if you have a full beard.

Shaping Your Eyebrows

August 1st, 2017 | Posted by Editor in Beauty and Style - (0 Comments)

Eyebrows are a separate industry in fashion in beauty. Get to know the techniques used to shape eyebrows and find the best salons in Singapore which offer these services.

Eyebrow Fashion

The Egyptians used to shave their brows then darken them with galena as part of their make-up. The Greeks and Romans meanwhile preferred unibrows and painted them with soot or powdered mineral. Some even wore fake brows made from dyed goat’s hair.

China’s Tang Dynasty preferred dot eyebrows. Heian Japan shaved then redrew their eyebrows, while Medieval Europe preferred very thin eyebrows. When cosmetics became more common in the 20th century, brow styles changed often. In recent years, lower arches are the standard.

Shaping Eyebrows

The following are techniques to enhance and shape eyebrows.

1. Contouring – This is done by applying make-up to shape the eyebrows. Eyebrow shading is a market all on its own.
2. Tweezing – You can do this yourself at home with tweezers and a mirror.
3. Threading – This is a bit trickier if you’re doing this by yourself. You trap each hair in a lasso to pull it out.
4. Waxing – It’s faster than tweezing and threading but it can cause skin trauma and redness.
5. Tinting – The dye used in darkening light eyebrows are made from vegetables. It fades in six weeks.
6. Henna – A henna paste is applied to darken the eyebrows. It’s like staining the eyebrows temporarily.
7. Brow Enhancers – They come as serums, gels and oils that promote hair growth for those with naturally thin eyebrows.
8. Eyebrow Extensions – Extensions are placed one by one using surgical adhesive after an outline is made.
9. Microblading – This is one type of semi-permanent eyebrow tattooing. A very fine blade is used to cut and deposit pigments into the skin.
10. Hair Stroke Eyebrows – This is a permanent eyebrow tattooing technique done with the help of a machine with needles by creating hair-like strokes.
11. Powder Filled Eyebrows – Areas on the eyebrow are filled with pigments to make the existing eyebrows darker.
12. Feathering – The hair-like strokes are placed much closer to each other using needles then allowing the dye to penetrate the incisions.
13. Soft-Shading – It creates the illusion of a shadow by brushing pigments on the skin.
14. Embroidery Tattoo – It can be permanent or semi-permanent. A template is used to to shape the eyebrow then the top layer of skin is cut.

Best Eyebrow Salons in Singapore

1. Allure Beauty Saloon – Known for eyebrow embroidery.
2. Benefit Brow Bar – Book ahead to have your brows waxed or tinted.
3. Bonita Beauty Salon – Packages include eyebrow threading.
4. Browhaus – They have almost everything from threading to brow resurrection.
5. Cindy Yong – Specializes in eyebrow embroidery and enhancement.
6. Erabelle – Has an Erabrow category for both men and women.
7. Highbrow – Specializes in everything about eyebrows from waxing to embroidery.
8. Perfect Brow House – They have 6D creative eyebrow and embroidery.
9. Pink Parlor – They offer various services including brow waxing and tinting.
10. The Prestige – They specialize in eyelash and eyebrow products and services.
11. Rupini’s – First to introduce eyebrow threading.
12. Strip – Has a good reputation for their waxing techniques.


If you have outgrown the classic tee-jeans-sneaker combo but still want to wear your most comfortable pair of kicks, we say think outside the box. The versatility of white sneakers will make it easier to pull off fun and quirky pairings. Here are 12 outfit ideas that will give your casual kicks a stylish twist.

  1. Culottes

Whether in jumpsuit style or in pant form, the slim-shoe style of your sneakers will balance the look of your wide-legged pants.

  1. Body Con Dress

For a chic yet relaxed look, wear your white sneakers with a long, form-fitting dress. It can be the perfect outfit for an afternoon shopping or after-work drink with friends.

  1. Jeans and Blazer

Can’t let go of your skinny jeans and t-shirt combo? Top it off with a tailored blazer. Your sneakers will dress down your ensemble, making it perfect for a Sunday brunch with the fam.

  1. Short Shorts

Steal the classic model off-duty look: a black leather jacket, white tee, cut-off shorts and white sneakers.

  1. Little Black Dress

For a daytime date with bae, skip the heels and pair your LBD with your go-to sneaks.

  1. Summer Dress

A summery look calls for a flowy sundress and a pair of comfy white kicks—the perfect look for a stroll at the park.

  1. Printed Jumpsuit

Jumpsuits aren’t only for stilettos. Dressing it down with a pair of white slip-on sneakers looks just as well, too.

  1. Overalls

They’re not just for painting the house. Overalls are chic and comfy casual outfits, too. Pair them with your versatile kicks for extra comfort when running around town.

  1. Button-Down Skirt

We’re so into the retro look of button-down skirt. Rock it with a pair of rubber-soled wonders to modernize the look.

  1. Boyfriend Jeans

Running some errands? Slip into your comfiest pair of boyfriend jeans. Match it with a classic pair of white sneakers, and you’re ready to go.

  1. High-Waisted Pants

Whether you’re off to the office or somewhere else, pair your high-waisted pants that fall just above your ankles with simple lace-up sneakers.

  1. T-Shirt Dress

Going on a trip? A t-shirt dress and a pair of sneakers will keep you comfortable during a long-haul flight. Tie a sweater or a denim jacket around your waist just in case you get cold in the plane.

Really, the possibilities are endless when it comes to styling your white kicks. You can wear it with almost everything, from shorts to dresses to jumpsuits and pant suits.

We know how much you love using the mascara and red lipstick that you’ve been keeping in your beauty arsenal for more than a year now, but maybe it’s time you get rid of them and purchase yourself some new tubes. Although it may not seem like it, your makeup bag is hiding products that can be hazardous to your health. Products that might be contaminated with germs or contains scary chemicals that are linked with birth defects, cancer and respiratory illnesses. Worry not though, since we’ve listed your go-to cosmetics that might be hiding some serious health threats.


  1. Mascara

We understand how your mascara can be complete lifesavers when it comes to making your lashes look longer, but do know that you should replace it every four months. Using your mascara for too long will only cause it to generate bacteria build-up, putting you at risk of acquiring severe eye infections. It’s one of the makeup products with the shortest shelf life, and you definitely wouldn’t want to risk using your old and grimy wand near your eye area.

  1. Lipstick

Although our favourite lippies appear to last forever, there official guideline for replacement is up to 18 months only. Storing them in the fridge will slow the breakdown of essential oils and parabens that prevent bacteria, but even products with these preventive measures can retain germs that cause cold sores and spots. Also, if your lipstick starts to change in consistency and colour, then it’d be best to throw them in the trash bin.

  1. Eyeliner

While eyeliners are less of a hassle to clean, they’re still not immune from any risk – similar with your mascara, having them replaced for a long time will cause them to spread infection and damage your vision. To avoid this from happening, stop using your liner on your inner lash line, and replace them after every 18 months.


  1. Foundation

A foundation should last for a year, but if you’re dipping your fingers into the product, then it’d be best to replace them after every six months. If your foundation appears to be causing some irritation on your skin, consider visiting your dermatologist and swapping to a different brand and formula.

  1. Makeup Brushes

These beauty tools carry the most germs as you use them all over your face. If you’re planning to make one change, then we recommend washing your brushes regularly and storing them in a germ-free case. It’d also be a good idea to invest in a sanitizing mist for your brush to avoid worsening acne and other skin problems.

Your makeup products always help in making you look your best, so it’s important that you show the same care for your beauty tools. Make sure that you only store clean and new products on your makeup arsenal to keep any skin problems from occurring.

As a man of style, you should have a well-stocked footwear arsenal – solid options that’ll get you through every event and situation. But that doesn’t mean that you need to have a separate closet for your shoes. We’ve searched all over the market and tailored down a list of shoe essentials that no man should not live without.


  1. Leather Shoes

Every man should invest to at least a pair of shoes fit for formal wear. There are several types to choose from – brogues, bluchers, moccasins and oxfords to name a few. Keeping a pair of leather oxfords in your wardrobe will surely go a long way with all the formal events that you need to attend to. Opt for the brown ones since they can be easily dressed up or down. But a pair of black leather shoes isn’t that bad if you want to be extra fancy and classy for your night out.

  1. Rubber Shoes

Even if you don’t hit the gym regularly, don’t ever remove this classic kicks in your shoe options. There might be times when your friends invite you to exercise together, so it’s better to have this pair ready beforehand. Also, what’s amazing about these shoes is you get to wear it even outside the gym. After all, nothing beats the light and comfortable feeling that a rubber shoes can give.

  1. Sneakers

The weekends may be your downtime, but that doesn’t mean that your outfit should be as relaxed as your attitude. So keep your getup casual, but put-together by having a pair of old-school sneakers in your wardrobe. Subtle details, such as colour, material or type of laces, is what will set your kicks apart from what the other guys wear.


  1. Topsider or Boat Shoes

Here’s a pair that you can wear with most of your casual outfits and in any type of weather. Not only will it make you look awesome and cool, it’ll also save your feet from the sheer pain of wearing dress shoes. Boat shoes are great options to wear during the spring and summer season. But if you’re in a country like Singapore that doesn’t have winter and fall seasons, then go ahead and wear your boat shoes as you please.

  1. Slip-Ons

This pair has a little variation to your casual sneakers. It can even be a perfect alternative for it when you’re thinking of going to the beach since it’s easy to wear and to take off. Also, it’s capable of maintaining your style even if you’re at the beach. Slip-ons are perfect during the days where you don’t want to wear your boat shoes but still want to change up your style.

  1. Loafers

Loafers are the perfect go-to shoes if you want to be a bit more special with your getup. Penny or Tassel loafers give off a special vibe to your overall look. Even your simplest outfit will look rather dashy when paired with these kicks.

There’s no golden rule or formula when it comes to building the perfect shoe collection. Simply consider this list as your guide to creating a footwear collection that’s both timeless and versatile.



You have to save yourself from embarrassment. If you have problems with your breath, it is time that you take actions. Do not wait for it to create rifts on your relationships and dealings. You have to know that oral hygiene is important. Most Singaporeans are aware of this but there are some who are very adamant about it.


Toothbrushes and toothpastes have an important role in maintaining your oral health. This can actually help you prevent bad breath. Here are some tips on preventing bad breath:

  • Drink a lot of water: Remember that dry mouth can encourage bacteria to remain. Most people do not know this fact. Sometimes it is hard to drink water all the time because of accessibility. The easiest thing that you can do is to take a bottle with you wherever you go.


  • Learn to brush the correct way: Dentists recommend that you brush teeth at least twice a day to prevent early degradation of tooth enamel. What’s the correct way to brush teeth? While brushing, focus on the gums that attach your teeth. That is the critical part because bacteria and food debris tend to get stuck there. When you reach that part, you have to tilt your brush 45° so that the bristles can clean the tooth thoroughly. It does not end there because you also need to floss and use mouthwash. Do not forget to brush your tongue as well.


  • Eating breath-freshening food: There are many foods that can contribute to fresh breath. Foods like cinnamon, cloves, parsley and mint can be beneficial at the end of the day.


  • Eat on time: Some people do not eat on time and that is understandable especially if you have hectic schedule but always remember not to go long without eating. If you do not eat or fast, your mouth will surely be dry and that will lead to bad breath.


  • Visit your dentist: Dentists can help you maintain oral hygiene. There are many dentists here in Singapore. All you have to do is schedule an appointment. The fact is many think it is costly. If you think like that, you are truly sacrificing a certain degree of isolation from family, friends and even colleagues.

In most cases, bad breath is caused by digestive problems and gum problems. If despite observing oral hygiene and you still have bad breath, it is time that you consult your doctor because it might be a symptom of another disease or medical condition.