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Burgs by Project Warung

February 22nd, 2018 | Posted by Editor in Food and Eating

Now, who doesn’t like a good burger? Well, there are just some days when you are craving for that luscious quality burger and just another burger wouldn’t do. In fact, there are some days when you are just craving for that amazing gourmet burgers because another regular burger just won’t do. Sadly, getting a gourmet burger would mean you’d have to spend quite a bigger sum of money just to get that craving satisfied.

But not anymore! Burgs by Project Warung sells amazing gourmet burgers for the price of only $4.50. Imagine that? Quality food doesn’t always have to mean expensive. Honestly, the price is actually sometimes irrelevant. Although price is important because with a higher price, you can taste the more expensive and more exquisite products. But then again, sometimes spending too much just won’t do.

Unless you have a huge salary, you can’t expect yourself to be spending about $20 per meal. That just isn’t practical at all. For the younger generation, enjoying the luxury of food is something hard to experience unless maybe with your parents or if somebody else buys a meal for you. Just ask yourself, why should you spend more for food when you can spend just the right amount of money for amazing food?

Going back to Burgs by Project Warung, this place was started by three people who went to culinary school together. Although they were really close, they didn’t start Burgs by Project Warung right away, they still went their separate paths after college. They worked at different restaurants gathering amazing techniques and experiences from each of the. They were even able to work at a Michelin Star restaurant!

Now, they got back together and started to form Burgs by Project Warung which sells amazing quality burgers with fries at the price of $4.50. How do you know it’s good? Well, let’s just say that it is actual chilled Australian beef which they grind themselves! The quality of the ingredients they are using is without compromise although still within the budget. You’ll definitely feel like you got what you paid for when you by a burger from Burgs by Project Warung.

Getting a good meal doesn’t mean you have to break your back spending a huge amount of money just to get high quality food. Sometimes there are high quality food offer at more affordable costs. Why would you want to miss the opportunity to eat a good burger at the price of only $4.50? When people say getting good food in Singapore is expensive, they honestly don’t know where to eat. Good food doesn’t have to come with an expensive price.

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