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Best Birthday Surprise Ideas for your Girlfriend

May 3rd, 2014 | Posted by Editor in Love and Relationships

Women really love surprises. They want to experience being surprised on ordinary days, during your anniversaries and of course, on their birthdays. Do not fail her by making sure that you have prepared a birthday surprise for her whether it is big or just a simple surprise. What matters to her is that you exerted effort, and you did not forget her day. Here are some of the birthday surprises you can give her.


Give her a love letter or write a song. Nowadays, writing love letters are very off as technology has truly changed everyone’s form of communication. As a gift, allow her to experience how it is like to receive a love letter. Make sure that you have written the letter well by expressing your love for her or looking back in the days you are together. Women are going to love this because it is something they can keep and reread when they want to. You can level up this surprise by writing a song instead and singing it for her on her birthday.


Pamper her with food and relaxation. What is your girlfriend’s favourite food? Make sure that she has it on her birthday. Make it extra special by preparing it yourself. It is not only the food but also your effort which will make this birthday gift special. After making your girlfriend’s tummy happy, pamper her by giving her an all-expense paid spa and massage. You can do this together so that you can also have a bonding time. If you cannot join her, make sure that she has company by also paying for the treatment of her best friend.

Travel together. On her birthday, allow her to explore the world with you by planning a trip for her. Where is the dream place of your girlfriend? Or where do you think is a place she will truly love? Go there together. Surprise her by giving a travel ticket on her birthday, and surprise her even more by telling her that the travel ticket she is holding is dated today. This can be the most spontaneous gift you can give to your girlfriend.

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