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Be a Detox Diva: 5 Healthy and Natural Ways to Detox

May 27th, 2017 | Posted by Editor in Health and Wellness

Despite getting a bad rap oftentimes, detoxing can actually be a perfect way to kick-start a new diet regime and give your body its much needed boost. Forget about investing in expensive products or resorting to hard-core deprivation. Instead, follow these healthy choices that’ll help in properly detoxifying your body and leave you feeling revitalized for a long-term.

1. Practise Juicing

Vegetable juicing, adequate protein intake, and drinking hot water with lemon are believed to support the liver function that helps the body detoxify itself. Consuming a good amount of organic wholefoods is also recommended to provide your body with good quality nutrients that’ll protect it against certain environmental toxins.

2. Ditch Sugar

When not transformed as energy immediately, refined carbohydrates and excess sugar could upset the balance of the gut bacteria in your body and cause you to gain some weight. To keep that from happening, gradually cut down your sugar intake and thoroughly check the food packets you’re purchasing to fully assess its sugar content. If you can’t seem to get rid of your craving for sugary treats, however, consider using natural sweeteners (such as cinnamon or honey) as an alternative to your processed flavourings.

3. Perform Gentle Exercises

Support the elimination of toxins in your lymphatic and respiratory system by performing gentle exercises like walking and yoga, or undergoing massage, body brushing and bathing in Epsom salts. As you exercise, your blood will circulate throughout your body, bringing with it the nutrients that both your muscles and organs need. Other than that, exercising also helps flush the toxins out of your body in the form of sweat.

4. Increase Your Fibre Intake

Maintaining a healthy and regular bowel movement is crucial for removing the toxins and waste substances off your body – and consuming a good amount of high-fibre veggies, drinking a lot of herbal teas and water, and ensuring that you have a balanced gut flora are all essential for maintaining this process.

5. Take Probiotics

The good bacteria in our body help us in breaking down food more efficiently and keeping us from accumulating gas in our tummy. So eat slowly, chew your food well and take a multi-strain probiotic to ensure that you have a healthy digestive system and a balanced gut flora.

Detoxifying your body isn’t about depriving yourself or investing in expensive products, it’s about making healthy choices when it comes to your lifestyle and diet. So be sure that you put the aforementioned tips to work to ensure that you’re cleansing your body the healthiest and most natural way.

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