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5 Travel Items You Don’t Need to Pack When Travelling

October 7th, 2015 | Posted by Editor in Traveling Places


Packing list articles are everywhere in the Internet today—and the amount of information can be overwhelming for a new traveller. While the majority of those articles focus on the things you should bring, this article will educate you of what NOT to bring.


As a frequent traveller, here are some of the items that end up just wasting space in my luggage.

  1. Special Travel Clothing

Special travel clothing, such as dry-fit shirts and hiking pants, may keep you feel comfortable, but they also make it obvious that you’re a traveller, making you an attractive target for thieves. Unless you go hiking or run a marathon in your destination, pack clothes that you’d normally wear at home.

  1. A Money Belt

This item is included in many packing lists as it keeps your money safe when walking around. However, this can be a little too much in most destinations as you can get by with just keeping your money in your pocket, daypack, or purse. If travelling to a place with higher crime rate (think Rio de Janeiro), then it’s worth bringing one’ but for most places, it’s totally unnecessary.

  1. Sleeping Bag Liner

Perhaps, the idea of bed bugs and dirty hostels creep you out, so you’re packing with you your sleeping bag liner. While this can be a good solution, you can save significant amount of luggage space if you scour for online reviews before booking a place a stay. Plan for your accommodation ahead of time to make sure you won’t be staying somewhere dirty or bug-ridden.


  1. Towel

Most hotels provide towels, so leave yours at home. if really need to bring one, take a microscopic microfiber one, which absorbs any moisture faster and dries quickly. There some of these travel towels that come with a clip, so you can attach them to your pack to dry while on the move.

  1. Laptop

If you’re taking a tablet or an iPad with you, there’s no point of bringing your laptop, especially not when you can pair it with Bluetooth accessories to enhance its functionality. Tablets and iPads are much lighter on the luggage and can serve as an eReader as well.

Knowing what not to bring is just as important as knowing what to bring when travelling. The next time you pack for a holiday getaway, keep these things in mind for lighter and better travel experience.


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