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5 Essential Tips for Exterior House Painting

February 24th, 2014 | Posted by Editor in Lifestyle

In tropical countries like Singapore, the hot and humid weather can easily damage the exterior beauty of our homes. Frequent weather changes can cause the paints to fade and chip off, weakening the protected materials and diminishing the face value of the property. This is the main reason why regular house painting maintenance is required. However, exterior home painting is not just about beautification alone, several points need to be kept in mind in order to come up with an appealing home painting project. These points are:

1.       Pay attention to the color samples in store displays

When picking paint colors for your home’s exterior, do not settle on the color samples displayed in stores. Most of the time, these display palettes look totally different when already painted on walls. Make sure to bring along with you your painting services contractor to ask for advices about this matter. You can also purchase small cans of each color you like and have them painted in a small area of the wall where you intend them to apply. By this, you will see how the color transforms as the paint is applied and as the natural light hits the painted wall.


2.       Try to mix different colors to achieve desired shade

For mixing colors, it would be deal to let your painting services contractor do his wonders. They already have the experience to perfectly come up with a perfect shade of color by mixing two different hues. You can make your home painted by colourview painting services singapore stand out from the neighborhood or blend in by choosing the appropriate paint color for your home’s exterior.

3.       Consider fading issues when using darker colors

When using darker colors, consider how it would look like after several years. If you’re planning to use dark paint colors, keep in mind that these hues fade more easily than lighter colors. For example, darker shades of green, blue, and red fade easily and repainting small faded areas can be a bit challenging since you’ll need to look for exact same shade to cover a faded spot. Consult your painting services contractor if it’s really a must to include dark hues of paints.


4.       Make use of paints with added features

To further protect the exterior of your home, make use of paints with protective features. Since the exteriors of your home endure frequent weather shifts, applying a coat of protective paint will provide optimum protection to the house’s structural materials. Look for house paints that provide protection feature for your roof and walls.

5.       Hire a professional Singapore painting services contractor

All the above mentioned tips will be appropriately and correctly followed with the expertise of a professional painting services contractor. Remember that repainting your home with the right colors will not only give your home an instant face lift but will also provide protection to your home’s exterior materials. By hiring a professional contractor, you’re guaranteed to achieve beauty and durability for your home’s exterior.


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