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4 Ways Travel Makes You the Best of Who You Are  

April 15th, 2015 | Posted by Editor in tRAVEL

Travelling can change people. When you are out in the wilderness or in an unfamiliar place, you become a different person. Unlike with your persona when at home, when travelling you become someone who takes advantage of every opportunity and an adventurous person seeking for ways to boost your emotional, physical, and spiritual senses. Here are the reasons how travel makes you the best version of yourself:


  1. You’re Open to Meeting New People

When at home, you’re always surrounded with people you have always known. However, when you travel you meet new people. This is the best opportunity in life to make new friends from different culture, countries, and walks of life. While these people may start as strangers, sharing crazy and unique experiences with them can turn these acquaintances to lifetime friends.

  1. You Become More Relaxed

When at home, you’re day is usually all planned out—call boss at 9am, meeting at 1pm, pick up laundry by 4pm, and so on. And when you miss any of this, you would panic and dwell on the consequences. However, when you’re on travel, you get the chance to experience how it is to function in an unfamiliar environment.


Giving yourself a chance to travel makes you more vulnerable to the realism of life and gives you a deeper understanding that mistakes are inevitable; you just have to let go and learn from them.

  1. You Become a Risk Taker

The feeling of safeness is traded with feelings of adrenaline when you travel. You crave for more exciting things to stimulate your body and mind. The impulsive actions allow you to experience once-in-a-lifetime moments to the fullest.

  1. You Become True to Yourself

It’s not that you’re not being true to yourself when at home. It’s just that travelling lets you to become who you really are. You are not limited by the pressure and expectations of the society. It is the time when you can be free from all your responsibilities.

Sometimes, we run out of funds or it’s really time to go back home and get back on life. We may have to leave the wilderness for now, but it should not stop us from becoming the best of who we are.

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