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3 Golden Rules for a Struggling Long Distance Relationship

January 20th, 2016 | Posted by Editor in Relationship Sharing


Love comes in many form, in many means, and in many ways. Sometimes, it comes in the most unexpected kind, in a much unexpected timing.  Love sees no boundaries – it overcomes any catastrophes, any hardships and trials. There is the kind of love in that comes near, while there is also a kind of love that blossoms from afar. Love is a beautiful experience that everyone deserves to feel, because loving doesn’t only mean to love from just here, but even from a distant sea.


Long distance relationship is a very challenging idea of love. They say that considering the distance, this kind of relationship is not for the fearful but for the bold ones. They say this is meant only for those who are strong enough to overcome the test of time and for those who believe that everything is worth the wait. But loving in a distance is never easy, it is a bit of a struggle. For those who are battling a struggling long distance relationship, here are the three golden rules to keep your love together despite the test of distance;

  1. Trust is more than love. It’s really not the distance that breaks the relationship apart – it’s the lack of trust that does. You have to trust your partner because that is the essential part of loving someone from a distance. You can’t be there to know every single thing he/she is doing and you don’t have to stress yourself worrying too much about the negative things.

Learn to trust your partner. Learn to make your partner feel that no matter how many miles you are far away you still have faith on whatever he/she says because you love so much that you trust with all your heart. There is nothing sweeter than a loving couple giving full trusts to one another. Plus, you get to save yourself from stressing too much on the negative imaginations you have.

  1. Communication is a must. The foundation of a lasting long distance relationship is communication. It is what’s left for the both of you to hold on too. Always find time to communicate with your partner on a daily basis. It doesn’t mean that you should text, call or video chat every minute of the day (But if you can – then why not right?), a simple random texts and a good talk at the end of the day to catch up the things that happened to you for the whole day is a big thing in your relationship.


Though your partner is not around, you can still make him/her feel that they are a part of your life for you share the details of your day with them. Always remember that a failed communication can become a hindrance for a harmonious relationship. Try to give your partner the time – the time to talk about things, to laugh about a joke, to cry about the sad moments that happened in your day, to share your reviews on the movie you saw, basically just talk with each other. Never get tired of communicating because for the moment of your relationship, that’s the least you can do to make things last between the two of you.

  1. Patience is REALLY a virtue. Love, trust, and Patience equals a lasting relationship. The idea of a long distance relationship can be scary sometimes because imagine loving someone from far away and waiting for the time that both of you will be together again. It is full of uncertainties and trials, trust issues and one heart getting tired, but think deeply in your mind – you’ve come a long way for your relationship to last, would you break it just like that because you get tired? They say when the distance is over, you will be happy you didn’t give up. Well at least, you can hold on to that idea.

Keep the patience in your heart. Be patient to wait for the right time and for the right moment if you know that the person is truly worth the wait. Be patient to face each day without your love by your side at all moment because being there does not mean physically being there but find him/her in your heart that no matter what you do, you have that someone who loves you and got your back. Always be patient – because whatever you waited too hard, can be the sweetest reality you will get when that right moment comes.


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